Want to see your work in an art gallery?

Most artists dream of seeing their work in a gallery. It's the equivalent of "making it" in the art world. That dream can be closer than you realize. The majority of galleries are actually quite approachable and open to new artists. Though there will always be a few austere establishments manned by snooty clerks, most are friendly places where people come to browse and chat with the gallery staff.
Don't let galleries intimidate you. The majority of gallery curators will be happy to take a look at your work if you make an appointment or send your images to them. If they feel your artwork doesn't fit their gallery, most will steer you toward a more appropriate one. So, what are you waiting for?

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Infographic: Where to find Art & Graphic Design Galleries

Artist's Market Online has contact and submission information for more than 370 galleries that are interested in exhibiting artwork like yours. Find out where these galleries are located in the infographic below.
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