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The online version of the Photographer’s Market books, is the best one-stop resource for up-and-coming photographers who want to establish a successful career and learn how to sell photography. If you’re starting your career as a freelance photographer, this is the site for you.

Since 1976, Photographer’s Market has been the top photography marketing guide for photographers who want to show and sell their work. Each annual edition is updated to include the most current contact and submission information for thousands of listings, including stock photography agencies, magazine and book publishers, galleries, art fairs, ad agencies and more. 

Growing from the freelance photography expertise of the books, offers photographers an ultimate online location for building successful careers.  

With informative business articles, special features and hundreds of market listings just for photographers, provides the keys you need for marketing photography. These features include:
My Portfolios to keep your photographs organized and track your submissions.
Custom Folders to store your favorite market contacts, articles and seminars in folders you can customize.
Seminars with industry pros to help you find out how to establish a relationship with a gallery, what the best practices are for entering art competitions, and much more. 
What's Happening with regular updates from the photography world, including upcoming photography exhibitions, new photography equipment, open photography competitions and contests, and more.
Expert Advice on selling photography online, using social media to advance your career, finding a new photography niche, and more.
Q&As with top photography pros, answering common photography questions with information you need to know.

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