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If you know and love the Artist's & Graphic Designers's Market books, you'll love its online version: This site is the must-have reference guide for any artist who wants to embark on a successful career in fine art, illustration or cartooning. Whether you're starting your career as a freelance artist, or you want to expand your career and learn how to sell your art, this is the site for you.
Established in 1975, Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market is the best guide for artists who want to show and sell fine art as well as illustrations and cartoons. Every edition includes the most up-to-date contact, submission and payment information for thousands of market contacts, including galleries, book publishers, magazines, licensing agencies, art fairs, contests and more. is the ultimate online location for artists to develop their art career and find freelance artist jobs, artist opportunities and tips for how to sell art.

With an arsenal of helpful business articles, hundreds of market listings that show you exactly where to sell art and other great resources, provides artists with the keys to a great artist career. Your subscription to Artist’s Market Online includes the following features:
My Portfolios to organize your work and track submission possibilities.
Custom Folders to store your favorite market contacts in folders you can customize.
Seminars with industry professionals to help you learn how to survive as a freelance graphic designer. 
What's Happening articles with regular graphic design world news updates, including new magazine launches, art directors changing positions, industry trends and statistics, and moreIf you write fiction books, has you covered.
Expert Advice on how to present your portfolio, how to use social media to advance your career, and more
Q&As covering common questions with answers from industry professionals.
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