Common Ground: 5 Tips for Bridging the Communication Gap, by Sunny Bonnell

Recently, I made a trip to my veterinarian because my dog was favoring his back leg. When the vet came in to discuss the X-rays, he prattled on about tibias, fibulas, tendons and a host of other anatomical terms I couldn’t possibly reiterate. Forty-five seconds in, I began to glaze over. After five minutes of his doctor-speak, I craved the company of my pocket dictionary. Finally, I just asked, “Doc, is it broken?” To which he replied, “Yes.” All that mumbo-jumbo for what should have been an easier conversation: “The leg is broken. We’ll make a cast. It will heal in six weeks. The cost is $400.” Simple. This got me thinking: How often do clients experience this frustration when communicating with designers?

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