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Treating Sports Photographers as the Artists They Are

They compete in crowded stadiums and on hazardous terrain, using hands and eyes, tools and experience, and sometimes their elbows, too. We' re not talking about athletes but rather the photographers who get up close and click away. Now, an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum invites visitors to reconsider work that has long been seen as ephemeral. Read the full New York Time article here.


Bill Cunningham, Iconic 'New York Times' Photographer, Dies At 87
Cunningham worked at the Times for almost 40 years, capturing the fashion trends of the day with a timeless eye. Read the full NPR article here. READ MORE

The Photographer Who Captured America’s Dark Side
By documenting the little things, Robert Frank changed an entire nation’s image of itself. Read the full article here. READ MORE

Survey Finds Average US Wedding Price Rose Last Year, More Couples Hiring Pro Photographers
It’s easy to find wedding photographers preaching doom and gloom, and there’s even some evidence to back it up, but according to a recent survey by venerable purveyors of Pinterest wedding fodder, The Knot, things are looking up across the board for the wedding industry in the USA, and that includes wedding photographers. Read the full Popular Photography article here. READ MORE

Review: ‘Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures’ on HBO Gives Context to Controversy
The HBO documentary puts Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs in the framework of a life and artistic vision. Read the full New York Times review here. READ MORE

Meet Alphonse Bertillon, The Man Behind The Modern Mug Shot
French criminologist Alphonse Bertillon wasn't the first to introduce mug shots to police, but he standardized how they were taken and added the profile shot to zero in on a suspect's unique features. Get the full story at NPR. READ MORE

The Met and a New Logo
The new design has not failed to attract strong reactions as it starts to appear on the institution’s posters, mailings and the Met Breuer signs. Read the full New York Times article here. READ MORE

For 12 Photographers, an Anxious Gaze on Israel and the West Bank
“This Place,” at the Brooklyn Museum, examines the “radical otherness” of a tortured and complex land. Read the full New York Times article here. READ MORE

Now Accepting Entries for AcrylicWorks 4!
North Light Books is now accepting entries for its latest competition, AcrylicWorks 4, edited by Jamie Markle. Show us your best contemporary acrylic painting for a chance to have your work published and enjoy national recognition in the gorgeous hard-bound series AcrylicWorks. The theme for this year's competition is Captivating Color, and a variety of subjects and styles are welcome. The deadline to enter is February 26th, 2016. Enter online today! http://www.artistsnetwork.com/competitions/acrylicworks READ MORE

In 'Heirloom Harvest,' Old-School Portraits Of Vegetable Treasures
A leading expert of the daguerreotype started photographing a gardener's collection of heirloom vegetables 15 years ago. They've published a book to honor the unusual varieties in the collection. Get the full story on NPR. READ MORE

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