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Why Won't Midcentury Design Die?
In 1998, The New York Times noted a new design trend. Cool creative types were tossing aside their thrift store décor in favor of midcentury modern. 
Nearly two decades later, it remains the rage. If anything, it’s even more popular. 
Midcentury is the decorating style that won’t die.
Read the full New York Times article here. 

A New Crop of International Designers to Know
Clustered around the gritty borough of Hackney, one close-knit group is shaping our future. Read the full New York Times article here. READ MORE

Art and Science Meld as NASA Announces a New Artist Collaboration
The artist and photographer Justin Guariglia will work to present the effects of climate change to the public. Read the full New York Times article here. READ MORE

In An NYC Stairwell, One Of Keith Haring's Murals May Be In Peril
The celebrated street artist painted the mural in a former convent that offered low-cost housing in the '80s. Now the church that owns the building is strapped for cash and has asked tenants to leave. Tenants are fighting eviction and raising concerns about the future of the mural. Read the full story on NPR. READ MORE

America’s Oldest Art Supply Store Closes After 111 Years
After over a century of operation, New York Central Art Supply Inc., which bills itself as the oldest art supply store in the country, will permanently shutter today. Read the full Artnet News article here. READ MORE

Shaking Up Italy’s Most Popular Museum
With long lines, chaotic ticketing and a collection to rival the Louvre’s, the Uffizi Gallery is at the forefront of dramatic reforms. Read the full New York Times article here. READ MORE

How Sotheby’s Found a Path to Higher Profits
In the face of a declining art auction market, the company reported a second-quarter surge, partly due to cost cutting. Read the full New York Times article here.

Models From Norman Rockwell's Paintings Reunite
On the 100th anniversary of Norman Rockwell's first Saturday Evening Post cover, several of the children seen in his iconic portraits gathered at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Read the full NPR article here. READ MORE

This Famous Art Was Hidden in a Shed for 16 Years

In a yard full of police tow trucks in North Philadelphia, a massive green sculpture of copper pipe and welded bronze sits outside a vehicle workshop, its extravagant curves forming a startling contrast to the gritty surroundings. The sculpture is “Free Interpretation of Plant Forms,” completed by the artist and furniture designer Harry Bertoia in 1967 for a prominent position outside the Philadelphia Civic Center. Since 2000, however, it has been hidden from public view in a shed outside the police workshop. Read the full New York Times article here.


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