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Influential Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies At 75
Mary Ellen Mark's work appeared in such publications as Life and Vanity Fair. Her photo essay on runaway children in Seattle became the basis of Streetwise, an Academy Award-nominated film. Listen to the story on NPR. READ MORE

1921 Matisse, 'Seated Woman,' To Be Reunited With Rosenberg Heirs
In Germany, a Matisse painting is being returned to Paul Rosenberg's family. It was one of more than 400 paintings stolen by the Nazis from the "first family" of art in Paris in the '20s and '30s. Listen to the full story on NPR. READ MORE

Street Artists and a Bottled Water Company Clash Over a Hashtag
Street art has spread globally, giving color and attitude to urban enclaves, and following a long tradition of urban cool going mainstream, it has been embraced by marketers to promote everything from music and clothing to political causes and charities. But harnessing street artists' cultural cachet is not without problems, a lesson being learned by Wat-aah, a bottled water company that enlisted street artists in a health-awareness campaign. Read the full article here. READ MORE

Art Exhibit Let's Visually Impaired Visitors Touch Masterpieces
An exhibition, “Touching the Prado” at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, is designed to give the blind or those with limited sight an opportunity to create a mental image of a painting by feeling it. PBS's Alison Stewart reports. READ MORE

The Prada Foundation’s New Arts Complex in Milan
For more than twenty years, the Prada Foundation has been staging contemporary art exhibitions in abandoned warehouses and disused churches around the world. Recently, however, the foundation has set its sights on establishing a permanent home to present exhibitions and to show its vast holdings of art. Read the full New York Times article here.


Presidential Campaign Logos Reach New Level Of Sophistication
From water bottles and bumper stickers, to fundraising emails and Twitter accounts, the logos of the 2016 presidential candidates will soon be plastered across the country. Graphic designer Armin Vit tells NPR about the designs so far. READ MORE

Heirs to French Art Dealer May Benefit from Sale of Monet Lost During World War II

Much of the art collection of René Gimpel, a French art dealer who associated with the intellectual elite of his day, was lost during World War II when the dealer was detained by the Vichy government and shipped off by the Nazis to a German concentration camp.

But the Gimpel family expects to benefit from the sale of one of the lost works on May 14 when Christie’s in New York will auction “Haystacks at Giverny,” by Claude Monet. Under the terms of a restitution agreement with the painting’s consignor, the heirs of Mr. Gimpel will receive an undisclosed amount as compensation as part of the sale.

Read more here. READ MORE

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards
The shortlist of winners has just been announced for the 
The Sony World Photography Awards, an annual competition hosted by the World Photography Organisation. READ MORE

Call for Submissions: Horticulture magazine's 2015 Garden Photo Contest
Don’t miss out on the chance to win the $1,000 CASH prize we’ll give the Grand Prize photo selection in this year’s contest! Plus, all the winners’ photos from every category along with the Grand Prize winner will appear in an upcoming issue of Horticulture magazine. Special thanks goes to Lee Valley Tools for sponsoring this year’s contest! - See more at: http://www.hortmag.com/gardenphotos?et_mid=725339&rid=236255265#sthash.xKxUtSed.dpuf
Don't miss out on the chance to win the $1000 cash prize and have your winning photo published in Horticulture magazine! Click here for more details. READ MORE

PHOTOS: Snow overtakes abandoned Rolling Acres Mall

An abandoned mall in Akron created the perfect winter wonderland for a young photojournalist from Ohio. See more here...


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