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Check It Out! A Photographic Tour Of America's Public Libraries
Robert Dawson has been photographing public libraries across the country for almost 20 years. And now, just in time for National Library Week, he has published his photos in a new book called The Public Library. NPR reports... READ MORE

Banksy's Latest Depicts Spying, Right Outside the UK Intelligence HQ
What's alleged to be Banksy's latest piece of artwork has popped up on the side of a house in Cheltenham, and it depicts security agents spying on a public phone—right round the corner from the UK's intelligence center, GCHQ. Read the full article here... READ MORE

Presidential Portraits: George W. Bush Reveals Never-Before-Seen Paintings

Former President George W. Bush's portraits of world leaders such as Blair, the former British prime minister, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Dalai Lama and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai are on display at his presidential library in Dallas.The exhibit, "The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy," includes photographs and other memorabilia from Bush's visits with these leaders. USA Today reports.....


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A Tiny Renoir, Stolen In The '50s, Finally Comes Home
It has the makings of a great mystery: artwork stolen from a prominent museum, plus the FBI, a beautiful woman and an intrepid reporter. But this isn't fiction; it's a strange, true tale of how a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir has now safely returned home to a Baltimore museum. NPR reports... READ MORE

In Photos: Moroccan Motorcycle Mashup
Photographer Hassan Hajjaj's "Kesh Angels" share a similar name to Hell's Angels. But they're not a gang. They're Moroccan. And women. And really colorful. NPR reports... READ MORE

Portugal’s Move to Sell Miró Works Raises Debate of Preservation vs. Privatization

LISBON — Since the onset of the euro crisis a few years ago, the Portuguese government has shed assets including its airport management company, a highway operator and the national postal service. But when it came to selling off a collection of works by the Catalan artist Joan Miró, for some it was a step too far. The government’s announcement that it would sell the collection through the auction house Christie’s in London set off intense discussion as to what kind of assets governments should be allowed to sell, and whether a nation’s cultural heritage should be off limits.

The New York Times reports... 

What a Camera Caught, a Painter Transforms
In “Regrets,” a new show at the Museum of Modern Art, Jasper Johns has based a cohesive group of nearly two dozen paintings, drawings and prints on a photograph of Lucian Freud, The New York Times reports. READ MORE

Book of Kells Now Free To View Online
As part of the general celebration of St Patrick’s Day, Trinity College Library Dublin has announced that the Book of Kells is now viewable in its entirety in the Library’s new Digital Collections online repository.  READ MORE

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