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Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World's Oldest Trees
Beth Moon, a photographer based in San Francisco, has been searching for the world’s oldest trees for the past 14 years. She has traveled all around the globe to capture the most magnificent trees that grow in remote locations and look as old as the world itself.
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Learn How to Build an Art Business from the Ground Up
Join artists and entrepreneurs Lynn Krawczyk and Cheryl Sleboda to learn the fundamentals of setting up an art-related business. This live web seminar starts at 1 p.m. EST Thursday, January 22, 2015!      
Read more about Lynn and Cheryl here. 

Bare-Bones Camera Prints Eerie Photos Instantly Without Ink
While digital photography thrives on Instagram and elsewhere, products like Prynt and Instaprint have already tapped into consumers’ desire for tangible photos by transforming their digital images into real copies. Read more here. READ MORE

Flemish-style Portraits Question Race, Equality

Photographer Maxine Helfman didn't foresee the current outcry around civil rights in America back in 2012, when she began shooting portraits in the style of the old Flemish master painters -- using only black models.

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Peter Lik’s “Phantom” Image Sells for $6.5 Million
Many photographers aspire to one day have an image sold for a giant wad of money. Today, that award goes to Peter Lik, who now has the record for the most expensive photo sold. Peter’s “Phantom” image sold for a whopping $6.5 Million. But that’s not all.... Read more here. READ MORE

The Fine Art Of Deception
When visual tricksters play with perception, things are not always what they seem.

Personalize Your Gift Tags: Introducing Doodle December!

Have you ever made your own gift tags for holiday presents? Get into the festive spirit with Doodle December and a FREE step-by-step guide to creating your own unique holiday gift tags at ClothPaperScissors.com.


There's Still Time to Register! Sign Up for Lisa Cyr's Live Webinar: Painting the Mythical Figure

Format: Live Webinar Registration

Date:  Nov 18, 2014
Time:  1 PM to 2 PM Eastern Standard Time
This highly visual presentation will take the viewer on a fantastical artistic adventure! Utilizing innovative two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed-media techniques, the webinar will cover how to paint the fantastical figure in an imaginative environment. Topics will include character development using props, costumes and models, employing theatrical color schemes, painting skin tones of fantastical beings in dramatic settings, drawing techniques, rendering patterned cloth, using hair to create form and movement and adding bas-relief details and assemblage embellishments. In addition, conceptual development strategies will be discussed, including working in journals and sketchbooks, research techniques and reference gathering to create compelling figurative works that tell imaginative stories. With visually inspiring imagery, insightful tips and innovative approaches, artists will discover a plethora of image making strategies as well as exciting two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed-media techniques to employ in their own fantastical figurative works. For artists who are looking to push their work to a new level, this webinar will be a valuable resource and an ongoing source for creative inspiration! Click for more information and to register...

Call for Entries! Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling
Call for entries for Incite 3: The Best of Mixed Media! The deadline is November 3, 2014.

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