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Photography Glossary

Artists' Residencies
Artists' residencies (also known as communities, colonies, or retreats) are programs that support artists by providing time and space for the creation of new work. There are over 500 residency programs in the United States, and approximately 1000 worldwide. These programs provide an estimated $40 million in support to independent artists each year. READ MORE

Artists' Organizations
There are numerous organizations for artists that provide resources and information about everything from industry standards and marketing tips to contest announcements and legal advice. Included here are just a handful of groups that we at Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market have found useful. READ MORE

Acceptance (payment on). An artist is paid for his/her work as soon as a buyer decides to use it.
Adobe Illustrator®. Drawing and painting computer software.
Adobe InDesign®. Revised, retooled version of Adobe PageMaker.

Adobe PageMaker®. Page-layout design software. Product relaunched as InDesign.

Adobe Photoshop®. Photo manipulation computer program.

Amount paid to an artist before beginning work on an assigned project. Often paid to cover preliminary expenses.

Small pencil-shaped pressure gun used to spray ink, paint, or dye to obtain gradated tonal effects. READ MORE

Designer Publications, Websites and Blogs
In addition to the thousands of trade publications written for visual artists, there are now countless websites, blogs and online artists' communities intended to connect, inspire and support artists in their careers. Listed here are just a handful of books, magazines and online resources to get you started; most will lead to additional sources, especially websites that provide links to other sites. READ MORE

Grants: State & Provincial
Arts councils in the United States and Canada provide assistance to artists in the form of fellowships or grants. These grants can be substantial and confer prestige upon recipients; however, only state or province residents are eligible. Because deadlines and available support vary annually, query first (with a SASE) or check websites for guidelines. READ MORE

Portfolio Review Events
Portfolio review events provide photographers the opportunity to show their work to a variety of photo buyers, including photo editors, publishers, art directors, gallery representatives, curators, and collectors. READ MORE

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