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How to Survive as a Freelance Designer
Living—and loving—life as a creative solopreneur is an act of balance: Not enough work and you're in panic mode; too much and you're working 24/7. Take advantage of your freedom and you're not accessible to clients; chain yourself to your desk and you're a slave to them.

With that in mind, logo-design guru Jeff Fisher will share a collection of tips gleaned from his 30-year career as an agency of one.

You will learn about:

• Positioning as a means of commanding respect among clients and potential clients

• Marketing as a way of life, not just a task on your to-do list

• To work effectively from wherever you happen to be—at the neighborhood coffee shop, the beach, a villa in Italy... READ MORE

It's a Snap - Taking Photos of Your Art
How to take digital photos of your art. READ MORE

Get Published - How the Industry Works and How You Can Make an Impression
Nothing can help your career more than having an article published in a national art magazine; nothing is better for ensuring your financial solvency than having a book published and distributed by a major press. Get the inside scoop with this video seminar, as you learn how publishers and editors discover artists, what you can do to get noticed, how to pitch an idea, what you can do to make sure book and magazine editors will always be eager to work with you, and more! READ MORE

Self-Promotion Strategies
Building on the earlier seminar "Create an Online Presence: How to Use Websites, Blogs & Social Networking to Enhance Your Art Career," we'll dive into the world of self-promotion. You've got a website or blog to showcase your art—how will anyone find it? We'll explore:
• Blogging strategies
• E-mail newsletters
• Writing effective press releases
• In-person promotion strategies
• Search engine optimization
• Social networking tools READ MORE

Create an Online Presence
It's essential for artists to cultivate an online presence—how else will galleries, editors and buyers find you? If you're just getting into the waters of the Web, we'll help you navigate the three main outlets you need to consider: websites, blogs and social networking.
You'll learn:
• Strategies for optimizing digital photos
• The essential components of a great website
• Secrets of social networking
• How to set up your own blog READ MORE

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