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From the Editor (2016 Edition, Photographer's Market)
Love it or hate it, dealing with money is a key component of running a successful photography business. While your passion for shooting is why you became a photographer, competently handling your income and outgo allows you to keep doing what you love. If handling money isn’t your strength, we’re here to help. READ MORE

How to Use Artist's Market Online (2016 Edition)
If you’re using this site for the first time, you might not know quite how to start using it. Your first impulse might be to do a few searches and quickly make a mailing list, submitting to everyone with hopes that someone might like your work. Resist that urge. First you have to narrow down the names on this site to those who need your particular art, design or photography style. That’s what this site is all about. We provide the names and addresses of art buyers along with plenty of marketing tips. You provide the hard work, creativity, and patience necessary to hang in there until work starts coming your way. READ MORE

How to Start Selling Your Work (2016 Edition)
If this is your first time visiting Artist's Market Online, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by all the information available. Before you start searching through the listings, read the eleven steps below to learn how to get the most out of your subscription and your selling efforts. READ MORE

Running Your Business (2016 Edition)

Photography is an art that requires a host of skills, some that can be learned and some that are innate. To make money from your photography, the one skill you can’t do without is business savvy. Thankfully, this skill can be learned. We’ll cover:

• Submitting Your Work

• Digital Submission Guidelines

• Using Essential Business Forms

• Stock List

• Charging for Your Work

• Figuring Small Business Taxes

• Self-Promotion

• Organizing & Labeling Your Images

• Protecting Your Copyright


Breaking In: Starting a New Business by Vik Orenstein
Your very first step in starting your new business should be to go to the U.S. Small Business Administration website: They have a wealth of information on every aspect of small business from the planning stage on through to your exit strategy.  READ MORE

The Art of Business: Work Your Art by Jen Cushman
There’s a rampant stereotype that creatives make poor business people. The archetype of the starving artist is so entrenched in our culture; it’s one of the most popular recurring themes in literature and filmmaking. It may be romantic to watch a movie about a tortured, sensitive creative, but it’s not so pleasant to see in real life. It’s also a cop-out. It’s easier to perpetuate this myth than it is to do the hard work it takes to create a successful photography-based business.  READ MORE

Selling Without Begging by David C. Baker
Forget cold-calling—reel in the clients you really want with these six practical techniques.  READ MORE

Micro Funding for Macro Dreams by Sean J. Miller
Micro grants and grass-roots funding programs are helping artists and makers achieve success. READ MORE

Calculator Magic: Pricing Your Work by Vik Orenstein
Within the different specialties of photography, there are very different fee structures and methods for pricing work, but photographers in every discipline share one characteristic: We have all, at one time or another in our careers, charged too little for our work, or we’ve given up usage rights and copyrights for little or no compensation. READ MORE

Payment Options: How to Accept Payment for Your Photography by Daniel Grant
At Sam’s Club, members have a range of options to pay for their purchases, from cash and checks to credit and debit cards and even food stamps. Wal-Mart adds PayPal to the mix, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles notes its willingness to accept money orders and e-checks. A buyer comes into your studio or booth ready to make a purchase: What are you willing to accept? READ MORE

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